The “Company” Difference

Gopher Industrial is an integrated supply company, but while we are of course a “company,” a for-profit business, we are a member of our community. We believe in the difference a company can make when it focuses on supporting the community that has made its success possible. That is why Gopher Industrial emphasizes community involvement and giving back as a core value of our company culture.

A major part of our efforts are aimed at supporting the youngest members of our community and empowering them with the tools they need to achieve their dreams. Together with Bassmaster Elite Pro Angler Dennis Tietje and our mascot, The Gopher, we have developed a school program called “Tools For Success:Catch Your Dreams.” It centers around the GOPHER (Goals, Organization, Preparation, Honesty, Education, and Reading) approach to success. We also support local school districts, colleges, FFA, and 4H organizations.

Another important aspect of community involvement is participation in the values and culture of the community, and in the Golden Triangle and surrounding areas a big part of that culture is outdoor sportsmanship like fishing and hunting. That is why Gopher Industrial is so proud to sponsor Gopher Elite Pro Anglers Todd Faircloth and Davy Hite.

Finally, Gopher Industrial gives back to the local economy and everyday citizens by providing jobs and actively recruiting the best and most skilled local talent. We believe that this total level community involvement — from developing youth skills, supporting family-oriented fun, and hiring the best and brightest — will allow both our company and the Golden Triangle as a whole to thrive.